Get smoother images : convert bitmap files to vector

Bitmap images or graphics are basically representations of images in pixels. These images are mostly photographic. Vectors images, on the other hand, are usually stored in linear or vector form. In order to understand these two file formats better, it is good to understand how they come about. First, a computer monitor is comprised of very small rectangular cells. These cells are known as pixels. Digital images are created using these cells.The distance between these cells determines the quality of an image. The size of the cells is also a factor. The closer the cells are to each other, the better. This is also the case with the size of cells. The quality of the image increases as the size of the cells gets better. If an image is magnified without a corresponding increase in the number of pixels, the image becomes pixilated. This occurs because every single pixel increase in size each time the image is magnified. A pixilated appears blurry. A small clear picture will get faded if the user zooms beyond a given threshold. This will also occur if he increases the resolution beyond a certain point. In order to eliminate this problem, web designers convert bitmap to vector image files. A vector image files program stores the color, line and shapes of graphics mathematically. This means the images are kept as a mathematical formula. When a designer is enlarging the graphic, the vector file will recreate the image with the use of this mathematical formula. This makes it possible to create the best screen image with a given resolution. Since a vector program, uses a mathematical formula to create images, one can alter the size of the image as much as he wants. One can scale down the size of the image to the smallest size possible. Conversely, one can enlarge the same image as far as the resolution will allow. Printing these images will give clearer and sharper images than the ones on the screen. There are many software tools in the market that perform bitmap to vector conversion. Most of them are affordable and easy to use. However, software applications with extensive color reproduction capabilities are a bit expensive. There is also open-source software which one can use to convert bitmap to vector with unlimited color reproduction capabilities.To use a software application, you need to buy the tool from online software vendors. To do this, browse through the internet and get a good graphic conversion software provider. Place your order and pay online using your credit card. Once it is accepted, you will get a code which you will use to download the bitmap to vector conversion software. Download the link and run the software on your PC. Once you have installed the program you don’t need expert knowledge to do your conversions. Everything, including user instructions is provided. To convert, select ‘File’ and choose ‘Import’ option. Choose the bitmap that you want to convert and then go ahead. With this software, you can preview any changes that you want to make including colors. You can edit the image as much as you want by playing around with the settings. Once you are finished, save the file. This file will be a vector file.